Our work as a fulfillment partner to manufacturers

As a fulfillment partner to our manufacturing customers, Delta Packaging becomes an integrated part of their supply chain.  

Many manufacturers want to devote their primary efforts to creating and manufacturing their products, not is packaging and shipping.  Delta Packaging becomes their partner by collecting finished products right of the factory floor as completed.  Delta trucks bring the product to our facility where the products are packaged, made ready for shipping and then shipped wherever necessary.  One main benefit is that the products leave the manufacturing facility quickly so that manufacturing resources can be applied to more manufacturing.  This saves storage space for packaging materials and products.  

At Delta Packaging, the products are efficiently packaged for shipping.  The shipping process really depends on the customer’s needs.  Sometimes product is shipped to regional warehouses, sometimes to wholesalers and sometimes direct to retailers or even end customers.

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  • Our work as a fulfillment partner to manufacturers

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