30 years of things that change and things that don’t

In 1986 ‘Hands Across America’ brought much of the country together in a cooperative event to help people in poverty.  In the same year, the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster shook our faith in technology while bringing us together to grieve.   

Poverty has not gone away…and neither has our faith in technology.

As time passes, much changes but much stays the same.  When Delta Packaging started in 1986 there was a strong commitment to support manufactures with quality packaging at reasonable prices.  That has not changed at all.  What has changed is the technology behind the packaging and ‘hands on’ way Delta Packaging works with manufactures these days.  In the past, vendors created packaging that was delivered to manufactures who used it.  Today Delta Packaging works hand in hand with manufacturers to create better products, better packaging and highly improved production efficiencies.

As Delta’s President Sam Willman has said, “What gives the greatest satisfaction and purpose to our lives are the relationships that we’ve developed since opening our business in 1986.”

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