It is not so much what you do but how you do it that matters

There is much in business that is relatively simple, and much that is so much more complex.  Doing both the simple and the complex well is one definition of business success.  Here is another measure of success. We quote from a Delta Packaging customer who is a Purchasing Manager at an International Manufacturing Company:

“Delta Packaging has been a trusted partner for over 15 years. As our business has changed over the years, Delta Packaging has adapted and expanded their outstanding service to help meet our goals. The most notable change was our adoption of a KanBan program. Delta Packaging’s willingness to deliver on a daily basis and adjust bale sizes has enabled our lean program to be very successful.” 

We could not have said it better.  More than just about anything in business, we value these kinds of long term, mutually beneficial relationships with customers.

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